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Beheaded :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0
Solitary creature
Solitary creature of desire,
did the world decide,
to set you on fire?
A simple wish,
it’s all it takes,
to melt a simple heart,
until it breaks,
and while facing the sun,
you may ask why,
this cruel master,
all your joy, he had to deny;
and to his amusement
the sun will sing:
“There’s no joy,
that I can bring”.
:iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0
A muddy swamp,
where life stands still,
shows the stagnation,
that makes me ill;
every ounce of happiness,
is sucked away by the leeches,
as i drown
in their obnoxious speeches,
and the trees,
a sign of dire consolation,
are now rotting
in eternal damnation;
animals, covered in toxic skin,
breathe poison,
with a sorrowful grin,
whispering, to some kind of god:
"Here comes the wanderer,
whose mind is flawed".
:iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0
Magician by VictorVonRaptor Magician :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0 Ten of swords by VictorVonRaptor
Mature content
Ten of swords :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0
Lovers by VictorVonRaptor Lovers :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0 Missing number by VictorVonRaptor Missing number :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0 Unknown number by VictorVonRaptor Unknown number :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0 Wrong number by VictorVonRaptor Wrong number :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0 Galaxy 1 by VictorVonRaptor Galaxy 1 :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0
While walking through the woods at night,
under blue stars trembling in fright,
birds of white feathers flew away,
at the only sight of a cruel prey;
nameless was his kind,
with eyes that were blind
but with claws that could rip apart,
all souls with a guilty heart.
Uncertain of where he was,
he marched without pause,
walking blindly in the black,
wishing only to go back.
:iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 2 0
Death of time
Years of work,
forging broken metals,
to create from rust,
the blackest petals,
thick as bones,
shining like steel,
with endless force,
and unbreakable will:
but time had to choose
under a certain threat,
to give them glory,
or try to forget,
and so without any reason,
he preffered to commit,
its last treason.
:iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0
Lost by VictorVonRaptor Lost :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 2 0 Love by VictorVonRaptor Love :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0
The four cities
Flowers were born in the city of Rust,
colorful and soft,
they were all consumed by Lust.
Embers flew in the city of Steel,
playing in circle,
like the endless Wheel.
Stars fell in the city of Ash,
not even their colours,
could save them from Trash;
and now that the last city died,
no one remembers,
the ones who cried.
:iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 1 0
Mature content
The witch :iconvictorvonraptor:VictorVonRaptor 0 0

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Your blood is boiling, no sense of privacy is left
Exposure did the mask in and you can’t protect
You line them up, the bethren of inept soldiers
Amber liquid burns, your emotions freeze over
If you had your own way
If you could call the shots
You’d make the bastards pay
You’d reverse the punishing plot
By turning them into your victims
Put ‘em on trial then convict them
So they’ll know what it’s like to hurt
So they’ll know what it’s like to burn
At the stake of their own ignorance
An innocent meander led to mental bleeding
An innocent ramble led to an unfair meeting
Between fists and a face clinging to a smile
Everything bled away for a worrisome while
If you had the courage to say
If you could open your mouth
You’d make those assholes pay
By ripping belittling tongues out
Flatten them with a verbal swing
Control them with a verbal string
So they'd know what it’s like to cave
So they'd know what it’s like to pray
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Also, nothing is permitted and everything is true.
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